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At the practice of Dennis T. Nagata, DDS, patients can receive cosmetic procedures to enhance their smile. We understand the importance of the smile to daily life, from laughing and smiling to chewing and talking. Our Honolulu dentist wants patients to have a beautiful smile they can be proud of and offers a range of procedures to accomplish this goal. Whether patients have stained teeth or dental trauma, we deliver tailored treatments to correct functional and aesthetic issues. 

Cosmetic Dentistry for Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

Our practice supports patients in achieving optimal oral health, which is crucial to sustaining a beautiful healthy smile. With every procedure offered, our aim is to maintain oral function, while also improving aesthetics. Dr. Nagata is passionate about providing a safe environment with trusted materials for his patients.

Consider the following procedures: 

Zoom!® Teeth Whitening – This teeth whitening system is fast-acting and customized to the desired shade. When deep stains cannot be corrected with traditional brushing and flossing, patients can rely on this product to improve the brightness of their enamel.

Amalgam Removal – Some amalgam fillings can spread mercury to the body, especially if the filling is damaged. If decay creates a small pocket around your filling, then food can become trapped and advance bacterial activity. Composite fillings and porcelain restorations can serve patients better over the long run. We can remove your old amalgam filling safely utilizing our special vapor removal system, and replace it with a custom porcelain restoration. 

Dental Implants – We can both place and restore these for patients looking for a permanent solution to missing teeth. Acting as natural teeth roots, implants support a number of restorations to restore the bite. Restorations are custom made and appear uniform in the smile for a long-lasting solution. 

Invisalign® – For those with minor tooth alignment issues, including uneven tooth spacing, these clear braces may be right for you. Personalized to your smile and conveniently removable, Invisalign® offers an alternative cosmetic orthodontic treatment to traditional metal braces. Teens and adults can benefit from these clear aligners, permitting patients the ability to correct the smile without giving up favorite foods or jeopardizing oral health. Although this is a trusted brand, not all patients qualify for Invisalign® treatment. 

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To explore these and other cosmetic dental treatments in Honolulu, we encourage you to explore our website. We strive to provide a range of tailored solutions to the many cosmetic needs of our Honolulu and Downtown Honolulu patients. We give every patient a thorough examination and professional advice on how to improve the look of their smile and design a treatment plan to achieve your goals. Call our practice to schedule an appointment, today!