Mercury Amalgam Removal

Amalgam Removal in Honolulu

At Hawaii Center for Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry, we remove and replace amalgam fillings. These fillings, sometimes more commonly known as “silver fillings”, are an amalgamation of many metals. The primary metal in amalgam fillings is mercury- a known carcinogen. Dennis T. Nagata, DDS, is an amalgam-free and mercury-safe dentist.

There is some controversy surrounding amalgam. Despite being banned in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, amalgam fillings are widely used in other countries. Some US dentists still use this material because it inexpensive and easy to apply, and they call upon it’s FDA approval as evidence of its safety. 

At our Honolulu dental practice, we use only tooth-colored composite materials for our fillings. Composite fillings are superior to amalgam in many ways: 

  • Composite fillings look natural. They match the color of your teeth and don’t disrupt the natural appearance of your teeth. 
  • Composite fillings are completely safe. This material contains no toxic, poisonous, or carcinogenic materials.  
  • Composite fillings do not stain the teeth. Amalgam fillings tend to cause a permanent grey halo around the filled area.
  • Composite fillings bond with the tooth. Where amalgam fillings merely fill the hole, composite fillings reinforce the tooth by bonding with its structure. 

We Safely Remove Amalgam 

Dr. Nagata uses a safe amalgam removal procedure to protect patients from mercury vapor exposure. He uses a specific technique for removal that will ensure no toxins are ingested or absorbed. Some of the tools he uses includes a rubber dam, a high-speed vacuum, nasal oxygen inhalers, and a HEPA filter exhaust (to capture the mercury vapors). 

Inhalation of mercury vapor is dangerous. It can cause a myriad of health complications, including vision loss, coordination impairment, nerve damage, and muscle weakness. Over time, mercury exposure could cause cancer. Mercury was proven carcinogenic in multiple studies involving animals, where the substance caused various types of tumor growths. 

Hawaii Center for Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry: An Amalgam Free Practice

At our Honolulu dental practice, we never use amalgam fillings. When removing these outdated restorations, we take the utmost precaution to ensure patient safety. If you or a loved one still have amalgam fillings, please visit our office for prompt removal. We look forward to working with you towards your optimal oral health!