Mercury Amalgam Removal

Amalgam Filling Removal in Honolulu

Dr. Dennis Nagata is an Amalgam-Free and Mercury Safe Dentist who will safely remove amalgam “silver” fillings in your mouth. He is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

The dental amalgam controversy refers to the conflicting views over the use of amalgam as a filling material mainly because it contains the element mercury. The concern centers on the health effects of toxicity or allergy which may be associated with constant mercury exposure, particularly as a potential cause of chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, birth defects, oral lesions, and mental disorders. Scientists agree that dental amalgam fillings leach mercury into the mouth, but studies vary widely in the amount and whether such amount presents significant health risks. Currently despite these concerns, dental amalgam is approved for use in the US and in most countries. Norway, Denmark and Sweden are notable exceptions.

The Swedish amalgam ban is for both environmental and health issues, according to authorities. Danish officials indicate that the reason for banning amalgam is also because composites have become better, and may now be used in many more situations than a few years ago.
Dr. Nagata uses a safe amalgam removal procedure to protect you from exposure to mercury vapor during your dental appointment. 

We have developed a specific program for mercury filling removal to ensure the best result for your overall health. This involves the use of a rubber dam, “Cut and Chuck” technique, high speed vacuum suction, HEPA filter exhaust (to capture the mercury vapors) and nasal oxygen inhalers while removing these fillings.

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