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In downtown Honolulu, Dennis T. Nagata, DDS serves patients with gentle care in a relaxing and safe environment. We are a dental practice committed to helping patients have a healthy smile for a lifetime, and we provide dental services designed to restore full functionality to patient’s natural smile. Dennis T. Nagata, DDS is an experienced dentist helping professionals and seniors have beautiful smiles which restore self-confidence and freedom to laugh, speak, and enjoy a normal life.

General Dentistry with a Cosmetic Aim 

At our Honolulu dental practice, we give the patient the best options when receiving dental care, for we know how to listen to patients and attune their goals to the right treatment. Dr. Nagata is passionate about dentistry and loves to help people be happy with their smile. Besides our general dental care, we offer further treatments that address the many cosmetic needs patients may have. From replacing seriously compromised teeth with dental implants to brightening the smile with teeth whitening, patients can trust us to provide a solution. Starting with your first exam, we understand every patient’s smile goals and do our best to incorporate them into our dental treatments. 

Advanced Dental Technology 

With cutting-edge technology, patients can experience the best in dental care. We use our in-office CEREC® machine to individually fashion restorations such as crowns and veneers. This machine allows us to make restorations from detailed digital impressions within a single appointment, enhancing treatment efficiency and convenience. Additionally, we provide dental laser treatments with our LightWalker® hard and soft tissue laser. In many cases, we can treat individuals without local anesthetic, and we have seen reduced healing time when using the laser. With a range of treatments, from cavity removal and periodontal treatments to root canals and gum recontouring, patients can choose to receive treatments with our safe dental laser. 

Beyond Dental Care

Many individuals suffer from sleeping disorders and do not realize it. Dr. Nagata is experienced in treating sleep disorders and works with professionals to diagnose serious sleep issues. In partnership with a sleep lab, patients can find out why they have not been sleeping well and what can be done to help them.

Additionally, we are experienced in treating TMD, which is a disorder that arises from complications with jaw muscles, including grinding teeth at night. We can help patients get back to sleep and relieve the tension in their jaws and face. 

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