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Commonly known as TMJ, the temporomandibular joint is a key component in dental function and requires delicate care. When the health of this vital part becomes compromised, Dennis T. Nagata, DDS, provides treatment for inflammation and muscular strain related to jaw movement. Whether providing gentle treatment or skillful diagnosis and management of disorders related to the temporomandibular joint, TMD, our dental team is passionate about helping patients in downtown Honolulu achieve restored oral function and health. 

Why We Treat TMD

In most cases, instances of TMD can be temporary and treated easily. More complex and significant problems arise when the TMJ or related structures are irritated, causing inflation and inhibiting jaw movement. The irritation can be caused by behaviors such as clenching or teeth grinding or traumatic accidents that shift connective tissues out of position. Common symptoms include tightness in your jaws, pain that occurs when you open or close your mouth, and lock jaw. While the impact of TMD on general wellness can be extensive, it is Dr. Nagata’s to offer treatments that relieve discomfort and restore ideal oral function. 

Treatment Options

At our Honolulu practice, patients can benefit from expert diagnosis of their TMD issues and receive comprehensive treatment all in one place. With use of the advanced cone beam scanner at our facility, our dentist can pinpoint the source of patient discomfort as well as identify areas where treatments will be most effective. In addition to our ability for precise diagnostics, we work with patients throughout treatment and work together to provide an optimal solution.

For patients who need assistance correcting unhealthy habits such as grinding their teeth at night or jaw clenching, we can craft a custom mouth guard to relieve muscular stress. We also treat TMD with physical therapy, referring patients to a trusted specialist who will stretch out the muscles, or move cartilage back into place. Additionally, we give patients a home care regimen to follow, which includes using ice and stretching techniques to keep the jaws comfortable and loose. 

Should patients have permanent damage to their jaw musculature, Dr. Nagata has the ability to perform advanced procedures, such as corrective oral surgery to mitigate their discomfort. With equal parts skill and compassion, our dentist provides treatment to address jaw structures that have been significantly compromised due to TMD. 

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Our doctor has extensive experience in providing personalized care for patients with jaw issues. For more information on TMD treatment, call our downtown Honolulu practice today and to schedule an appointment.